Tailoring and Embroidery Skill Training Center

The Tailoring and Embroidery Skill Training Center is a project that specifically targets economically disadvantaged women, girls, migrant returnees, and unemployed youth. These individuals often face significant challenges when it comes to finding safe and sustainable employment opportunities, particularly in urban areas such as Addis Ababa.

Challenges Faced by Women Without Skills

In many cases, women who lack skills and migrate to urban areas like Addis Ababa are forced to work in hazardous jobs such as construction or engage in activities like commercial sex work or selling homemade wine. The health risks associated with these jobs can be severe, leading to long-term health problems and even death. Furthermore, these activities often contribute to family devastation, resulting in school dropouts and the emergence of child-headed households.

Goals of the Tailoring and Embroidery Skill Training Center

The tailoring center provides a safe and sustainable form of employment as well as entrepreneurship support. In addition to technical training, the project also offers life skills and maternal skills development training to help women build the necessary skills and confidence to succeed in their chosen careers.

Implementation of the Project by AACFSA

AACFSA, the organization responsible for implementing the project, has conducted a rapid assessment and established a tailoring and embroidery skill training center. The center provides short-term training opportunities to project beneficiaries, equipping them with the skills needed to meet the demands of the local garment industry.

Training Program Offered at the Center

The tailoring training program is facilitated by qualified professional tailoring tutors. The program covers a range of topics, including

Sewing machine operation
Garment measurement
Pattern drafting
Fabric cutting
Small business management

In addition to technical training, the program also incorporates life skills training and allows women to bring their children to the daycare center, making it more accessible and flexible for project beneficiaries.

Impact of the Tailoring and Embroidery Skill Training Center

Since the project’s inception, 138 women have been trained in tailoring and embroidery, empowering them to create sustainable livelihoods for themselves and their families. AACFSA acknowledges that its resources are limited, and it cannot meet the needs of all project beneficiaries. Nonetheless, the organization is committed to rehabilitating project graduates and providing them with ongoing support to help them succeed in their chosen careers.

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