Building a Better Future for Students: Help Construct an Additional Classrooms at Kota Elementary School

Located in the heart of the Jima Zone in Oromiya regional state, Goma woreda, Kota Elementary School serves as a beacon of education for the children in and around the village of Beshasha. Established 50 years ago, Kota School has continuously provided education to children with a consistent capacity.

However, with the population rapidly increasing, there is a higher demand for schooling. and The school is faced with a significant challenge due to this growing demand for quality education in our community.

Recognizing that education is a crucial tool to overcome the cycle of poverty, our organization, AACFSA, strongly believes in and is committed to improving schooling as a means to eradicate poverty.

Currently, Kota Elementary School accommodates a total of 1750 students from four different Kebeles who benefit from the educational services provided by the school.


The Need for Additional Classrooms

As the number of students seeking education at Kota Elementary School continues to rise, the classrooms are becoming overcrowded. Currently,  Kota Elementary School accommodates a total of 1750 students from four different Kebeles who benefit from the educational services provided by the school.where as  there are 60 to 103 students cramped into a single classroom. This overcrowding hinders effective teaching and learning, affecting the quality of education our children receive.


The Impact of Your Support

Your support in this campaign will directly impact the lives of our students. With the construction of the additional classrooms, we can reduce overcrowding, facilitate better teacher-student interactions, and improve the overall quality of education. By investing in the future of these young minds, you are empowering them to reach their full potential and become the leaders and change-makers of tomorrow.


We are grateful for any contribution you can make towards our campaign. To maximize the impact of your generosity, all donations will be treated as matching funds. This means that your donation will be multiplied, further supporting the construction of the additional classrooms.