Ashreka Said

women sewing using sewing machine

“I am living around AACFSA office since I was a child. starting from my childhood I used to have a big interest in working on designing and tailoring based on my interest I come up with the idea to contact this NGO b/c I don’t have the capacity to learn on my own.
As a young person, I tried and suffer a lot before I came here but now I have acquired my dream skill from this Organization. I can say that am on a good standard of life than before. I would like to thank my teachers and the organization they helped me they don not only teach the skill they also encourage and advise me.
I can say that I got something big from this organization. I also shared my experience with other people who look like me and with those who need to work. I believe this NGO can make a difference in young people who have an interest to work and I am very Thankful to join this Organization.”

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