Library Support

At AACFSA, we understand the crucial role that education plays in the development of our youth and the future of our country. That’s why we are committed to improving the accessibility of education through various interventions, including library support.

Library Support as an Intervention for Education Accessibility

Our organization built a mini public library in Ambo town, furnished and equipped with all the necessary materials and resources to support reading habits among the youth. By providing a safe and conducive environment for reading, we hope to encourage more young people to spend their valuable time reading and expanding their knowledge.

With the new mini public library, we hope to change this by providing a space where youth can access books, journals, and other educational materials that will help them improve their literacy skills and expand their knowledge.

AACFSA’s Ongoing Efforts to Improve Education Accessibility in Ethiopia

We believe the mini public library in Ambo will be a valuable resource for the community, supporting both the youth and the education sector. Our AACFSA team is committed to continuing our efforts to improve the accessibility of education in Ethiopia through interventions such as library support. Through these actions, we hope to empower our youth with the tools and resources they need to succeed in school and beyond.

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