Day Care Center

AACFSA Child Daycare Center is a critical project that aligns with AACFSA’s mission to uplift marginalized and disadvantaged communities, particularly destitute women, children. Through the provision of nutrition support, free and subsidized daycare services, with ELDM assistance.

Objectives of AACFSA Child Daycare Center

The project’s overarching objective is not only to ensure the healthy development of children under the center’s care but also to provide mothers with a much-needed break to pursue employment opportunities.

the project caters to the needs of deprived women, including women heading large size families, migrant women returnees, and small average-income families.

 The significance of this cannot be overstated, as it helps prevent family distractions that could potentially result in street life. Moreover, the daycare center provides children with a play, eat, and take-care facility that directly benefits their physical growth and cognitive development, thereby enhancing their chances of leading fulfilling lives.

 Furthermore, by providing adequate child care services, the daycare center directly contributes to the reduction of poverty and improves the living conditions of the communities it serves.

Child Daycare Center Infrastructure and Services

The project’s successful implementation hinges on the availability of appropriate infrastructure, human resources, good hygiene, and a free, safe place for children. AACFSA’s Child Daycare Center is located in a rented compound in Addis Ababa City’s Gulelle Sub-city Woreda 10. 

The center accommodates 80 children, with six nannies and a nurse hired by the project. The center serves children from Woredas 3, 8, 9, and 10, from Monday to Saturday, from 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM, and has provided services to a total of 200 children to date.

Services provided includes

  • providing health education in hygiene, sanitation and monitor children’s nutrition and development statues.
  • cater to infants includes
  • feeding
  •  changing diapers and
  • playing with the babies.
  • For older children, services offered includes reading stories, starting early education, indoor play material playing with the children and meeting the children’s basic needs.
  • providing the required health care and services for the children.
  • nutrition support: Children in our daycare center are provided a meal, milk, and sweets as well.

Given the limitations of available resources, we are unable to extend our services to all individuals within the sub-city and the wider Addis Ababa area.


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